Only $10

for a 1  Hour Workshop

November 1 (6:30-7:30pm)

Come Get it While It’s HOT

Learn the Best from the Best in the World’s Best Industry


 The Academy of Film, Television, Stage and Performing Arts is pleased to announce a 1  Hour Introductory Workshop on the Meisner Method of Acting, ‘Speech Level Singing’ developed by Seth Riggs and ‘Voice Over Production’ all for a nominal cost of $10.

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Learn about the method of acting that has given rise to many Academy Award winning actors and other stars, including Joanne Woodward, Gregory Peck, Robert Duvall, Richard Gere, Mary Stenburgen, Steve McQueen, Carol Channing, Sydney Pollack, Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Goldblum, Eli Wallach, James Caan and Alison Janney to name just a few.

Learn about ‘Speech Level Singing.’ This is the voice training method created by Seth Riggs that has brought us many of our great voices of today, including the late Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton, Toni Braxton, Al Jareau, Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Barbara Streisand and Tina Turner to name just a few.

Find out if this is the place to either start your career or push it to the next level!

Space is limited, so register today at ( or by calling 845.820.8700.

AFTSPA is a 501c3 organization that trains and develops local talent to fulfill the growing demand for skilled workers in the 2.5 Trillion Dollar Broadcast & Entertainment (B&E) industry that is currently booming in the Hudson Valley.  It is AFTSPA's belief and overriding commitment, to recreate the world through the development of skilled talent and through the production of conscientious entertainment.