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It's been such an amazing experience, EB has grown so much. You have been able to bring out her inner acting potentials. We appreciate you still doing this remotely and promoting your services. We are so blessed to have this experience. We are so excited for all your hard work and talents being recognized. -EB

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Professional Audition Tape $125

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"Jesus the Kid" Rehearsal
​Saturdays at 1pm

"Supper with Ja" Rehearsal

Saturdays at 2pm

Private Lessons
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Speech Level Singing
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Introductory Meisner Workshop
Feburary 5th 2022. 11am or 845.820.8700

The Academy of Film. Television, Stage and Performing Arts

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This class made me look more outside the box. It made me realize that being an actress is definitely what I want to be in life. It also made me realize that I want to make a difference for the better in the world. -BG

1 Hour Acting Class $50

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Film & TV Programs

We are now offering a private monologue, performance and/or audition class (1 hour for $50) or Voice Classes (1/2 Hour $50) Appointments only available on Tuesdays between 9am and 8pm. Sign up below!

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If you are REALLY serious about acquiring the tools and skills to build a successful career in Acting, Directing or Writing for Stage, Screen & TV.


Acting Workshop
​In Person on February 5th, 2022 at 11am-12pm at CoLab  45 St. John Street, Goshen, NY. $35

Due to health concerns related to the spread of the virus, all of our classes are on line.  We are still open for Actor's Reels and Monologue Video Taping on a Private Basis.  Please call for further information
Nan and David

10 Class Ticket $295.00

About Willy Gilly

  Translating Life Through Film and Performance 

This class has impacted my ability to communicate and improve my acting skills, monologues (etc.) I also have a good idea about the business. -SB

Talent Management

Film and Television Production

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1/2 Hour Voice Class $50

The Modern Meisner Method (TEAM* Acting) 
Learn the basics of the ‘Meisner Method’ and much more from a protégé of the Master himself, who has put his technique to work in all forms of entertainment with great success over the course of his 50 year career. Classes are designed specifically for the professionally minded actor seeking instruction in a formal technique. The intention is to develop the actors craft in a conscientious manner that uses the "tools" to construct masterful characterization and avoid falling into ‘bad habits.’  To our knowledge we are the only organization training in the ‘Meisner Technique’ in the Hudson Valley. With a proven record of success over five decades, we have achieved unparalleled success worldwide on stage, in film and TV. What Meisner has taught us and we have learned from our experience, we gladly pass on to those willing to commit their skills to creating a greater good. In so doing, we will teach you the craft, the business and the conduct needed to build a solid career and a future of your own design. (* Totally Evolved Acting Method)

Private Voice Classes are in “Speech Level Singing”, the technique is based on Seth Riggs' (another David Wilson mentor) programs.  They have, over the past half-century, proven to be, and are generally accepted worldwide as, "the safest and healthiest way to work as a singer."

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In Person Classes Now Being Held
Level 1 Meisner Acting Classes (Repetition/Knock at the Door/Monologue):  10 sessions commencing February 12 at 10 am to 11:30 am.
Level 2 Meisner Acting Classes (Scene Study/Character Development): 10 sessions commencing February 12 at 11:30 am to 1 pm

Note:  Make-up classes are available if you miss a class.
(845) 820-8700
Join us in recreating a world that works better for everyone through entertainment and the arts!

Consulting Services


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About the Academy

What the Academy can offer you is a comprehensive state-of-the-art training program focused on providing the best instruction in stage craft, performance, technical and legal issues surrounding all production. This organization is committed to producing the most qualified professional talent to service the industry. Our team consists of seasoned experts in all facets of creation, development, performance, production, marketing and merchandising. We strive to promote excellence, while expanding the pool of qualified creative professionals in all areas of the industry that will positively impact our field and the world. We work with All people, regardless of race, color, gender, orientation, condition or circumstance, who desire to show their talent and have a commitment to make a significant contribution to the community through entertainment. This includes the mentally challenged, physically handicapped, unemployed and returning military, regardless of age or current economic status. For more information and to join us call: (845) 820-8700.

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Professional Training in Acting, Voice, Writing, Directing, Producing and Talent Management