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We are now offering a private monologue, performance and/or audition class (1 hour for $50) or Voice Classes (1/2 Hour $50) Appointments only available on Tuesdays between 9am and 8pm. Sign up below!

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If you are REALLY serious about acquiring the tools and skills to build a successful career in Acting, Directing or Writing for Stage, Screen & TV.


Due to health concerns related to the spread of the virus, all of our classes are on line.  We are still open for Actor's Reels and Monologue Video Taping on a Private Basis.  Please call for further information
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1 Hour Class 20% Off

  Translating Life Through Film and Performance 

This class has impacted my ability to communicate and improve my acting skills, monologues (etc.) I also have a good idea about the business. -SB

Junior Meisner Ages 8-12 Level 1  
Learn the basics of the ‘Meisner Method’ from a protégé of the Master himself, who has put this technique to work in all forms of entertainment with great success. Class designed specifically for the young actor to teach proper technique at an early age so that as they develop their craft they can avoid falling into ‘bad habits.’

Adult and Teen Meisner Level 1  
Introduction to the ‘Meisner Method.’ Learn from a ‘Master’ who learned from the “Masters” (Sanford Meisner, Bill Esper and Seth Riggs). We are the only training program teaching the ‘Meisner Technique’ in the Hudson Valley with a proven record of success. Five decades of unparalleled success worldwide on stage, in film and TV have taught us what we will teach you about the craft, the business and the conduct needed to build a solid career.

Meisner Monologue Preparation and Audition Class
Pre-requisite, Meisner Level 1 
Selecting material for auditions and working with selected material for audition.
Get ready for your digital portfolio.  Prepare and tape your audition monologues.

Meisner Scene Study and Improv Class
Pre-requisite, Meisner Level 1 & 2
Scene Study provides an intensive focus on how to use ‘the technique’ to bring a character to life from a script. You will learn all of the elements of how to break down a script and work though improvisation to organically create characters of extraordinary depth and breadth. Using carefully selected material that will provide the ultimate platform for you to create any role, we will explore characterization though improvisation.  It will in turn take us back to the words of the author in an extraordinary way that will produce a truly dynamic portrayal.

Private Voice Classes “Speech Level Singing”, technique has proven to be the healthiest way to work as a singer.

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This class made me look more outside the box. It made me realize that being an actress is definitely what I want to be in life. It also made me realize that I want to make a difference for the better in the world. -BG


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We are a comprehensive state-of-the-art training program focused on providing the best instruction in stage craft. This organization is committed to producing the most qualified professionals entering the industry.  Our team consists of seasoned experts in all facets of performance and production.  We strive to increase excellence while expanding the creative pool of qualified professionals that will positively impact the field.   We work with all people, regardless of condition or circumstance, who shows a talent and a desire to make a contribution to the community through entertainment. This includes the mentally challenged, handicapped, the unemployed and returning military, regardless of age, race, gender or social orientation.(845) 820-8700
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Professional Training in Acting, Voice, Writing, Directing, Producing and Talent Management

1/2 Hour Voice Class

It's been such an amazing experience, EB has grown so much. You have been able to bring out her inner acting potentials. We appreciate you still doing this remotely and promoting your services. We are so blessed to have this experience. We are so excited for all your hard work and talents being recognized. -EB

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Professional Audition Tape $125

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Junior Meisner Ages 8-12

Adult & Teen Meisner Technique

Meisner  Monologue Preparation, Scene Study & Improv Class
     Pre-requisite Meisner Level 1 


​Adult Level 1 Meisner


Master Class


Private Lessons
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Speech Level Singing
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Introductory Meisner Workshop
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