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"Collar" is an award-winning police drama (NYIIFVF) that deals with 'true-life,' vital and ongoing issues.
This is a movie about Your town, Your safety and the 'socio-political issues that continue to confront American life to this day.


David Patrick Wilson, Tom Sizemore, Rebecca DeMornay,

Richard Roundtree, Kether Donohue,
Emily Tremaine, Dominick Igneri, Jaime Santana, Iris Delgado,  

Tobias Wilson, Kurt Garner Andon

WGPI has Assembled an Extraordinary, Uniquely Qualified Leadership Team of Committed Entertainment Industry Professionals to Explore, Develop and Initiate Global Change through Conscientiously Produced Programs and Projects Designed to Reshape the Human Experience .

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"Collar" is an award-winning police drama (NYIIFVF) that deals with 'true-to-life' and the vital issues of today.
Starring David Patrick Wilson, Tom Sizemore, Rebecca DeMornay, Richard Roundtree, Kether Donohue, Emily Tremaine, Dominick Igneri, Jaime Santana, Iris Delgado, Tobias Wilson & Kurt garner Andon 

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Review of "Collar" by Chris Clark Tidyman (Academy Award Winner, Best Writing Story and Screenplay 1973 "Lady Sings the Blues")
"What a brilliant, flawed, intriguing, noble beast you 'effing' crafted!...and portrayed...and directed!
Takes me back to "Sling Blade" days...
....can you dig it (cute) -
My deepest respect, sir. And your executive producer...
Chris Clark Tidyman

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.. "I'm a tough critic of cop films, this one is authentic. It REALLY portrays the real-deal." - DET. LT. Lenny Golino NYPD 'Gold Shield' (Retired)

... "a deeply moving, authentically portrayed story, based on true incidents..."
-Marianne Donnelly - Las Vegas Tribune

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