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Designed and Created for those seeking guidance into the profession, ‘Acting Anyone’ is a 21 st century
adaptation of the work of my mentor, Sanford Meisner, into a comprehensive, fully integrated program
for learning and completely developing the craft and art of ‘Acting.’ What we are offering ‘online’ today
is our ‘introductory course’ (Level One).
It is comprised of approximately 14 hours of ’time-tested exercises,’ whose principles and practice have
been proven to be 100% reliable when properly applied to Any character, in Any genre or in Any period.
The practical application of this ‘technique’ has never failed me over the past half-century of my using it
to create, portray and execute dozens of roles in hundreds of productions myself and in the training of
hundreds of others in its use. It forms a firm foundation that prepares the actor for a career as a
‘professional.’ (Yes! All ‘professional ‘actors’ get paid, some very handsomely!)