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"It is a 'wake up' movie for the public and exposes the horrors of trafficking and what happens to young women in the streets. It also gives an inside look at the physical , emotional , and spiritual torment that police officers can experience as they try to do their jobs. Great movie!"
 - JA​

​​​​"Collar"- The Movie


There’s no worse cliché than the story of a quiet little town and all of its awful secrets. I hate that stuff. People who write that garbage oughta be knocked, ‘upside the head.’

Certainly, Grossman qualified as “little” (just under five thousand) and quiet, nestled in the lower Catskill Mountain area of New York’s Hudson Valley, just far enough away from the City to stay out of real trouble, although there was that one trial. Some wealthy, local ‘do-gooder,’ had adopted a young black child and succeeded in ruining the ‘good will’  by killing the kid two years later. 

       Nearly every item about ‘the trial’ down in the ‘big city,’ referred to Grossman as “quiet,”  or “sleepy,” or “tucked away in a forgotten corner.” That’s just the way it was back then.


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Inspired by Actual Events!

"Collar" is an award-winning police drama (NYIIFVF) that deals with 'true-to-life' and the vital issues of today. This is a movie about Your town and Your community and the social issues that confront American life.

Starring Tom Sizemore, Rebecca DeMornay, Richard Roundtree, David Patrick Wilson, Kether DonohueEmily Tremaine, Dominick Igneri, Jaime Santana, Iris Delgado

'COLLAR'...  "What a brilliant, flawed, intriguing, noble beast you 'effing' crafted!...and portrayed...and directed!
Takes me back to Sling Blade days.......can you dig it (cute) -My deepest respect, sir. And your executive producer...
- Chris Clark Tidyman -(Academy Award Winner "Lady Sings the Blues")

'COLLAR'... "a deeply moving, authentically portrayed story, based on true incidents..."
-Marianne Donnelly - Las Vegas Tribune

'COLLAR'... "a well crafted story...thrilling through the very end... the must-see film for crime story enthusiasts."
-Linda Kass - Founder - HDIF

'COLLAR'... "Im a tough critic of cop films, this one is authentic. It REALLY portrays the real-deal."
- DET. LT. Lenny Golino NYPD 'Gold Shield' (Retired)