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Max Management chooses to be involved in projects that call forth social action to address issues of importance such as ending; war, poverty, disease, hunger, crime, drug addiction, abuse of power, sexual abuse, domestic violence, etc. We are committed to artists and individuals who share a philosophy to re-invent the world through education and the arts that educates and elevates the human condition globally.

Our promise is that the most talented individuals alive who carry a positive spirit for change and growth will have every opportunity to express there greatness.

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Max Management is a full service career development and implementation company for anyone interested in Succeeding in the field of Entertainment. We work closely with you on nurturing and developing your abilities in every area of interest in the Performing Arts (acting, singing, dancing, directing, writing, producing, etc.). Once we have ascertained your goals and ambition, aspirations, and abilities we work with Talent to create a Plan of action to guide us and you towards implementing a solid course of action to realize your Dreams.

Our principals, have had great success in the fields of business and the arts. They have worked with all of the Hollywood studios, networks on stage and the major labels in the recording industry. They have worked for and alongside some of the biggest names in the industry over the past half-century. Their aggregate acumen encompasses more than a century of experience at every level and in every area.

The team that Max has assembled was created with one thing in mind, your Success. The only thing missing is YOU!

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