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Max4Management is a full service Career design, development and implementation company for Entertainment Professionals interested in Succeeding far beyond their ability to manifest their dream on their own. We work closely with talent of all kinds both in front of the stage and camera and behind the scenes to nurture and develop their abilities, skills and goals. By exploring and planning every major area of interest in the Performing Arts (including acting, singing, dancing, directing, writing, producing, filming, staging, and recording, etc.), we work with the talent to ascertain goals, ambitions and aspirations, then work with them to formulate an 20 year Career Plan that will serve to guide and launch on a path as we assist them in realizing their Dreams.

As Producers ourselves with an aggregate acumen of more than a century in B&E and Business Administration, we are constantly working to provide our clients with many opportunities ourselves. Along with generating casting videos, trainings and seminars, working on audition scenes and monologues, we provide their output directly to unions, online casting services, casting agents, franchised talent agents, other managers, producers, writers and directors to realize the best possible outcome.

We have worked with all of the ‘major’ Hollywood studios (Universal, Warner Bros, Fox, Paramount, Sony, MGM, more), the major broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, TBS, TNT, etc.) as Talent and for Talent. We have enjoyed unparalleled success on ‘Live’ stages, both Nationally and Internationally. We have established enduring relationships and connections to All of the major music labels and many ‘independents’ in the recording industry. We have worked for and alongside some of the industry’s biggest names (true ‘Legends’) over the past half-century.

Additionally, the team that M4M has assembled includes a legal team of some of the best and brightest independent counsel available anywhere.  All of this has been manifested with one thing in mind, our client’s Success.

All that is missing now is YOU!  

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