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I would to say that the Academy gave me the opportunity to brighten my horizon in the world of media and entertainment(m&e). It also helped me groom and polished my skills in performing in acting and editing. The Academy really looks out for the students’ best interest at heart and help them get ready to get their feet in the door with their dream career in a 2.5 Trillion Dollar industry. The people who own and run the Academy practice what they preach to their students which really represent the philosophy of acting which is doing and not saying. The academy provides the Sanford Meisner Acting Technique which trained Diane Keaton, Gregory Peck, Jeff Goldblum, Eli Wallach, Robert Duvall, Christopher Lloyd, Mary Steenburgen, Sydney Pollack, Sandra Bullock, Tony Randall and our very own David Patrick Wilson.
Akeem B.

  Translating Life Through Film and Performance 


I still would like to thank you and David for the internship opportunity you provided me. I am especially grateful for the personal time and attention you dedicated to my personal and professional growth. My internship experience was so fulfilling I am very excited to further my career and apply everything that you have taught me. Again, thank you for the valuable experience.
Kevin I.

Willy-Gilly Productions, Inc. BBB Business Review

I have a mental illness, yet despite this, I have worked for 10 years at a place called Willy-Gilly Productions with people who have let me flourish. I thought a mental illness would keep me from achieving anything, yet I was the local newspaper for winning a Telly for editing on a great show called "Empowering Women Everywhere." WG Productions could be and should be an example that people who just want a place in society can be a part of the workforce. I drive to work among the other working folks and I matter as much as they do. My advice to anyone is to find something like a schedule or something they can do or care about and if it works for them to proceed from there headfirst. Find what works for you and go with that. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and everyday afterwards. Connor H.

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Dear Nan and David,

Thank you so much for allowing me to intern at Willy-Gilly Productions this summer! I gained very valuable experience with editing, videography, social media, and I had fun too! I appreciate your kindness and generosity and I look forward to seeing the projects that the company is involved with in the future! - Teresa F.

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