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Meisner Acting Classes 

Level 4 Meisner Class Scene Study and Improviation: 8 Sessions
Level four of Acting Anyone uses the 3M (Modern Meisner Method) technique to expand the application of the method in action. It is intended to take a ‘deeper cut’ at all of the skill sets previously established and developed through specific exercises by the students through the first three levels. Additionally, we will be delving into one action problems and activities involving heightened awareness during the execution of specific tasks and situations that inevitably occur in performances, involving high-risk or ‘perilous’ circumstances.  We will set up improvisational interactions that involve serious conflict and consequence. Finally, we will continue rehearsing scenes chosen in the 3rd Level Class to stage and perform a professional (for producers, directors, casting directors, agents and managers) ‘showcase’ to be recorded. 

Level 2 Meisner Class: 8 Sessions Pre-requisite, Meisner Level 1  

Scene Study provides an intensive focus on how to use ‘the technique’ to bring a character to life from a script.  By expanding awareness of all aspects of creating a scene through improvisation and additional sets of exercises, the actor draws closer to any character's reality. You will learn all of the elements of how to break down a script and work though improvisation to organically create characters of extraordinary depth and breadth. Using carefully selected material that will provide the ultimate platform for you to create any role, we will explore characterization though improvisation.  It will in turn take us back to the words of the author in an extraordinary way that will produce a truly dynamic portrayal.

Level 1 Includes a free
Private Class with Monologue Video Taping upon Graduation

Level 3 Meisner Class Scene Study and Improviation: 8 Sessions
This course is designed for the professional who is stepping up their game. Applicants must have completed 2 levels of Modern Meisner Training and must have an interview to determine their proficiency in the method in order to qualify.  Furthermore, we take the exploration of performance in totally imaginary circumstance (CGI, AI).  In the current environment of production for presentation, so much of what was formerly 'practical" environment and locations with real sets and props have been replaced by 'green screen' and simulation, with which the actor must deal as if that alternative reality was in fact real, requiring an entirely new set of skills, yet still based in the 'Meisner Method.'

Level 3 or Level 4 Advanced Scene Study and Production 8 Sessions


Youth Meisner 8-12 age Level 1 8 Sessions*                                                            Includes 1 hour private and taping of a professional monologue*

Learn the basics of the Meisner Method from a protégé of the Master himself who has put this technique to work in all forms of entertainment with great success. Class designed specifically for the young actor to teach proper technique at an early age and avoid falling into bad habits.

Level 1 or Level 2
(Youth or Adult)
8 Sessions

Level 1 Meisner Acting Class 8 Sessions

​* Includes 1 hour private and taping of a             professional monologue*

Introduction to the ‘Meisner Method.’ Learn from a ‘Master’ who learned from the “Masters” (Sanford Meisner, Bill Esper and Seth Riggs). We are the only training program teaching a purely Meisner based technique in the Hudson Valley with a proven record of success. Five decades of unparalleled success worldwide on stage, in film and TV have taught us what we will teach you about the craft, the business and the conduct needed to build a solid career.
A class designed specifically for the actor to teach proper technique so that as they develop their craft they can avoid falling into ‘bad habits’ and industry pitfalls.