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DAVID P. WILSON - Managing Partner

A New York native, raised on Long Island, educated at Columbia College
and The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater,
Mr. Wilson also studied marketing research and the principals of global
business development (3 yrs) under noted Swedish economist,
entrepreneur and financier, Barbro C. Ehnbom of the
Stockholm Handelskolan,  Stockholm, SWE.

Most recently, founder and co-owner of Willy-Gilly Productions, Inc., a
privately held independent film, TV and stage production company, he
wrote, directed and starred in the award winning (NYIIFVF) motion
picture "COLLAR." Prior to this, Mr. Wilson was co-founder of the
American Film Producers Association (AFPA), The Filmax Corporation of
New York, Willybear Productions, Woodcrest-Villa Productions, and
International Cinema Entertainments. He has worked with virtually every
major motion picture studio, many independents, the major networks,
prominent agents and much of the talent that they represent.

His work in the entertainment industry spans almost five decades,
during which time he has worked successfully in virtually every aspect
and at every level. He established a notable and respected career in
film, television, music and legit theater as an actor, writer, producer,
director, musician and developer of intellectual property (IP), as well as a
development and marketing consultant in the US and abroad.

Over the past two decades, David has been a pioneering force in the
development of concepts and content for "new era" of information,
communications and entertainment. A principal designer of the online
infrastructure and business models for interactive multimedia
marketing, merchandising, production and distribution, he has
continually stretched the limits of the creative process to include public
interaction in all areas.

As the leader of the Film-Rx team, Mr. Wilson continues to formulate
new concepts and opportunities for creativity.  Along with his partners,
he is determined to explore all possibilities. These include "state of the
art" facilities and new forums for interaction, production, marketing and
distribution in which the entertainment and communications arts can
make significant impact on Human development.

His varied talents and innovative ‘out of the box’ thinking are invaluable
assets to, not only this venture, but the industry at large.  Film-Rx Partners is
dedicated to having quality entertainment content drive the marketplace
in this 'New Age of IT.'


Founder and President of YMS Consulting, the Character Lab and
Consumer Motivations, Dan has served as a development, research, and
marketing consultant to more than 50 major corporations in the arenas of
product and program viability assessment, development, marketing and

Of particular note is the creation, development and deployment of a
series of  Consumer Motivations assessment tools and approaches for
the accurate ahead-of-time determination of the degree of viability
inherent in film and TV proposed properties/programs.  Dr. Acuff created
the proprietary and revolutionary YMS System for determining the
viability of products and programs with an 80% plus accuracy rate.

Recent clients include: Disney, Warner Brothers, Lucas-Spielberg,
Microsoft, Paws/Jim Davis, ABC TV, Nestle, M&M Mars (Created the M&M
Characters) , Hershey, Pepsi-Co, Frito-Lay, Quaker Oats, Kellogg’s,
General Mills, Kraft, Johnson & Johnson, Hallmark Cards, Nickelodeon,
Those Characters from Cleveland, Sega, Mattel, Hasbro, Baylor
University, and the United States Department of Agriculture.

The Film-Rx System

Consulting Services

​​"The Prescription for Entertainment Success!"
 U.S. Copyright 2010-2020. By Film-Rx Partners. All Rights Reserved.

Future Impact Leveraged Marketing (F.I.L.M.)

The Film-Rx "Team" has created the most effective, proprietary process for
exposing and exploiting key marketing elements ("Impactors") contained in the
content of every Intellectual Property (IP). By identifying and analyzing these key
compnents we can determine the commercial viability of any script, book or

Producers! Ask about our Free preliminary evaluation for your project!

The information and marketing opportunities revealed by this process empower
and enable producers to establish a primary point of engagement for the
consumer marketing base. The information is collated and compiled into a Script
Development Profile (SDP). Drawn from an analytical "grid," data is compiled on
an 'opt in' basis and mapped against existing information to expose a clear view
of the potential market for any film, book, play or other literary IP.

This is 'community specific' F.I.L.M.* research has been developed over four
decades, compiled and interpreted by Dr. Daniel Acuff (Ph.D. - USC) and David
P. Wilson (CEO)  Both have more than 40 years experience in the fields of market
research and entertainment, respectively.  The process is designed to
objectively evaluate and prescribe a clear, cost effective, narrow-cast strategy
for market bound product to leverage the greatest marketing and merchandising
opportunities, providing a boost by generating significant 'pre-release' income.

Vertically Integrated Marketing and Merchandising  (VIMM)

Subsequent to the completion of the profile, a comprehensive  developmental
marketing plan is presented for producers to review for application. Once critical
information is generated, marketing and merchandising 'programs' with
embedded surveys designed for the specific community is produced.

Based on the interests and concerns (both creative and commercial) of the
producers and consumers, these programs and surveys present a unique
access for public participation and a quality interaction throughout the process
of development, production., marketing and distribution.  

Film-Rx can also assist in the management of this new relationship that is
intended to establish major COMMUNICATION, add CASH FLOW and project

NOTE: While the profile may suggest a vision of the most viable commercial
development of the project from a consumer standpoint, it is in no way intended
to control, dominate or manipulate the overall creative process.

On the contrary, our surveys and programs are integral to supporting the
intentions of the creators and producers. The subsequent use and
implementation are entirely subject to their and consumer's approval at every
step along the way to Success. Film-Rx's primary purpose is to build the market,
enhance each project's sources of revenue and generate information vital to
universal distribution, marketing and merchandising.

The marketing information and projections will also provide significant leverage
for negotiating and securing a more cost effective PRINTS & ADVERTISING


Interactive Multimedia Online Programming (IMOP)

Establish a 'community-based' open architecture

PRODUCE Content based CATV, Internet & SocMed  "3E" Programs
(Enhanced Entertainment Environments)

Engaging consumer involvement will lead to:
*        increased leverage in P&A negotiations
*        more attractive product placement potential
*        "hard number" support for obtaining future funding

The requirements for Producer(s) participation are:
-        The Production "hard costs" or 'Below-the-Line'  (BTL) must be funded .
-        There must be sufficient cash to cover the Film-Rx deposit requirements.
-        There is a 'fully copyrighted' draft of the manuscript, screenplay or story
(completed) made immediately available to Film-Rx Partners.
-        It is further suggested that certain 'Above-the-Line' (ATL) attachments or
financing agreements be in place (i.e. a producer, writer, director, talent, etc.),
lines of credit (LOC), standby letters of credit (SLC), collateral,  bank accounts,
studio or distributor funding letters in place, that allow the use of their name and
image in developing and forwarding a plan.

(OPTIONAL) In most cases, distribution guarantees and P&A are not required,
but they are a plus, provided the producers have retained their right to design
and manage their own marketing and merchandising.


The cost of Phase 1 (SDP) is One Percent (1%) of the projected 'below-the-line'
of the project  development budget (minimum $10k).  

A  Ten Percent (10%) deposit  (min. $1,000.00) is required to initiate this phase.

It will take Thirty (30) days to prepare a complete Script Development Profile.

The balance of payment is due upon submission of the SDP and VIMM Plans.

The cost of Phase 2 is equal to Five Percent (5%) of the Total Adjusted Budget
(TAB) of the entire project.  

    The TAB includes the 'ATL' and 'BTL' expenses for production. Once a vetted
budget has been approved and the capital committed to the production. All
costs for the Phase 2 operations would come from these fees. They may
include, but are not limited to, the total cost of programming for Cable, the
Internet and marketing & merchandising. [i.e. a project with a TAB of
$5,000,000.00 carries a cost of $250,000.00].

Any additional costs are subject to additional negotiation.

A Ten Percent (10%) deposit is required prior to initiating Phase 2 operations
(not less than $10,000.00).


FilmRx receives for its investment and services, a percentage (5%) of all
'pre-release' revenue received from the programs and processes initiated and
managed by Film-Rx, as well as from the subsequent sale of the programming
and bulk merchandising rights.


FilmRx warrants to Producers that:

Within seven to ten (7-10) days of contract closure and payment of deposit, they
will submit a complete Script Development Profile (SDP) that will offer a clearly
visible and viable way for producers to significantly reduce their cost of
development and production, and expose the optimum marketing and
merchandising opportunities for their project.

Furthermore, Film-Rx will provide a viable and affordable developmental plan,
designed to generate significant 'pre-release' revenue from the marketing and
merchandising of their project during that same period (30 days) or we will
return all fees paid by the Producer for Film-Rx  services, less hard costs (Not to
exceed 20% of total fees paid).

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