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Calling all Actors!
Calling all Actors!
Now Hear This
Now Hear This
Ecco Cast
Ecco Cast
It sounds like I am repeating myself?  
I am repeating myself.
It is easier than ever to audition for available work in the Entertainment Industry, but you need the tools to sell the talent.
We offer all actors the opportunity to record professional video of their work at a reasonable price.
If you are a member of any casting site and are more than 20 miles from where you need to be to audition (New York, LA, Chicago, Toronto, Atlanta, London or anywhere in the free world), ecco cast is the answer.
It is now the preferred method of submission by the vast majority of casting agents and directors.
From beginning to end, they want to see your work before they see you.
If you ever had to endure a 'cattle call', those days are now long gone.  They want you on their screen, not their sofa.
At Willy Gilly Productions, we offer state of the art coaching, directing, video production and editing with proven professionals who have more than a half century of success in the industry. Let us put you and your talent in the driver's seat. 
Located in Goshen, NY, we are central to Sullivan, Orange, Putnam, Dutchess, Ulster, Rockland, Sussex and Bergen Counties. 
Why spend your precious time, energy and money fighting traffic and the elements when you can take control of your own destiny?
Why waste your talent on being videoed by someone who has no idea who you are or how well you perform, when you can collaborate with professionals who will honor your talent and work with you to craft what you want the world to see?
And the best part?  You get to keep the final output to use however you wish in the future, (your reel, your monologue).
For a limited time only, you can receive the special introductory offer price that we give to all of our talent in training at the Academy of Film, Television, Stage and Performing Arts,
Are you prepared to do that?
Contact us at or at 8452947500 and see how we can work for you.

Special Offer to All Actors!

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