Our purpose is to create, develop , produce, distribute and market the highest quality, Independent Entertainment and Media (E&M) here in New York’s, Hudson Valley region.

It is our pure intention that our output positively impacts issues, while providing the best and most informative entertainment to the public and the maximum return for our Investors. Along with its marketing and merchandising affiliate, FilmRx Partners, using their proprietary process and advanced data-analytics, Willy-Gilly Productions is dedicated to combining the highest quality entertainment with the greatest possible social value to efficiently produce and effectively market our product worldwide.

Willy-Gilly Productions provides experienced leadership in developing the Independent (E&M) Industry in the Hudson Valley. By supporting the growth of infrastructure, the development of narrow cast, community directed content, and the professional training of actors, producers, directors, writers and technicians working with other local companies, facilities, developers, investors, governmental agencies and business organizations, this emerging opportunity for the region will generate many thousands of local jobs and billions of dollars in revenue from locally produced, globally successful product.

We invite everyone with a desire to, “Make a Difference in the World,” to use the extraordinary power of American E&M as the most impactful tool for change and growth anywhere. It is not simply the positive impact that our products can have, but the enormous profits that they generate to handle all of the challenges currently affecting  our planet and thus sustain, ‘a world that works for Everyone.’



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